Welcome Home

by Undercast

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released September 8, 2014

Produced by Nat Sherwood & Brandon Lung
Engineered by Nat Sherwood at The Sonic Factory
Mixed by Sam Guaiana
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Mastering
Album art designed by Carol Aldrighi and Michael Cross
Special thanks to Frank Colaiacolo

(c) All Rights Reserved
(p) 2014, Undercast



all rights reserved


Undercast Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Keep It All
Stick to your choices and roll with the punches.
Cause I won't be there when you say you’re scared.
Cut up another incision to show you're proud of your decisions.

Your smile is stuck inside my head
Now it seems that our love is dead.
Keep it all inside, we're running out of time.

I'm lost on the sidewalk again;
Neck kisses between just friends,
Drunk; looking on the bright side.

Sing to me, so I can fall asleep.
I'll be the promise you can't keep.
Track Name: Greenway
Lately, I've been freezing my ass off.
But it's not even winter yet.
Been calling in favours,
And drowning in all this hate and all this debt.

Summer faded awfully fast, and you have to admit I'm such a mess,
That no one can stand me for more than a minute or two.

Can't help but feel like a burden,
I want to wake up as a different person.
I won't let my fate be set in stone.

Would you bleed for these ideals?
Is your religion a word, not a lie?
Cause even I find myself praying,
At the worst of times.

Help, don’t let me give up
Cause I don’t think anyone gives a fuck.
I'd be better as someone I'm not, so I'll give this all that I've got.
I'll never be one of those rich kids that make their parents proud.
But I'll remember where I came from,
The nice suburbs of a shitty town.

I'll never forget where I came from.
I'll never forget.
Track Name: Christopher Walken Fan Club
I can't stand this. I can't stand you
The way you get away with everything you do.
Such a sense of entitlement;
I don’t know how you get everything you wanted

Maybe it's just the way you were brought up,
Things that you were taught
You never knew better than this
It's a tidal wave of feeling, and you're falling in the abyss.

You’re falling.

I wanna leave this place.
Leave it all far behind me
Everything I knew would be a memory.

And I can't handle the way that you act,
The way that you treat everyone
You're selfish and that's a fact, you're a waste of time,
And everybody knows it.

I know a secret about you,
You destroy every boy that kisses you.
From the neck down to the hips
He'd bleed half to death
Before he can say you're his.

I wanna leave this place
Leave it all far behind me.
Everything I knew would be a memory.

I wanna leave.
Track Name: 2AM
Yeah, girl
Who said you could move your lips like that?
We're moving too slow but way too fast.
And I swear I only sing the truth.
The only one I want is you.

You've got everything you need.
And that never included me.
So just brush me off and speak honestly.

Does it have to be 2AM for you to be sweet?
And I guess that I, I've just had a bad week
I don't feel a thing, I must be asleep.
These days are lucid and this year has been a bad dream.

Now I'm lying in my bed.
Wishing I could just see her.
Yeah look what you've done to me.

If you're sinking, then I'm sailing
If you're falling, then I'm failing.
I never thought we could be perfect.
I guess it was never worth it.
Track Name: Losing Touch
All this stress is piling up.
And all my friends are losing touch.
I miss too many people, that I'll never say goodbye to.
I guess I can't keep you safe,
But you're better off anyway.
And I'll be left here wondering if this bottle can keep me sane.
I'll be drinking away this pain,
But tomorrow I'll remember that I'm not okay.

I'm under pressure again,
Got these days I can't forget.
It's not just my bank in debt.
As I'm stumbling home again.
And now you pull me down (hold me back)
Right when I was getting on track.
I can't forget all these regrets.
Pulling me into the deep.

I wish my old friends could see,
That I'm still the same person.
It's not like I don't need them.

We're all alike, but different in the same way.
And I guess I could get better someday soon.

It's just a matter of time.